"A 'proffer' is an offer made prior to any formal negotiations."   


*You can 'Name Your price' on anything!

*You're never 'on the hook' if you change your mind.

*You can make as many free, non-binding proffers as you like!

*You can even tell sellers what you're looking for and let them bring it to you.

Proffer Proudly Announces:, a division of Proffer that is exclusively for using the proffer non-binding bidding system for leasing real estate. Go to and watch the videos to learn more!

Why is using to buy (or rent) so cool?

Let’s say you submit a proffer and then you decide you don’t want the item. Unlike an offer, that may not be followed through, by 'proffering' you are actually not 'promising’ to buy or rent anything.

But rather, what you are really saying is “would you consider?”

(with no strings attached if you change your mind)

Making a ‘proffer’ gives you the right to ethically say,

“I have changed my mind!” (without breaking your word!)

Unfortunately, breaking promises seems to be an accepted and widespread practice today. But by using Proffer, what you are really demonstrating is ‘high integrity negotiating'.

That’s why we say,

"Always start with Proffer, before you make an offer!"

Proffering: The art of 'high integrity negotiating'

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